Wendy’s Nursery School is licensed for up to 35 students per session.

At Wendy’s the children are separated for the majority of the day into 3 groups according to age, the Ferns 2 years, the Elms 3 years and the Oaks 4-5 years. We have 2 sections to the building, one side for the nursery (Ferns) and the other for the ELC (Elms and Oaks). Our program meets the particular needs and educational outcomes of the differing ages.

Our program reflects the overall philosophy of the centre and needs and interests of the children in the groups through the 5 outcome areas. The overall program is designed by the Early Childhood team leaders. The team make observations of the groups and they work together to develop relevant outcomes for the children. The Outcomes and supporting Topics for learning are planned in blocks of time with constant reflection and extension on a daily basis.

The staff keep the families informed of the program through daily write ups, displays and newsletters.

Sustainability practices are imbedded into the program.  We have chickens, worm farms, composting and recycling systems for the children to gain an understanding of sustainability.

Some of the additional extensions to the Elms and Oaks program are Jolly Phonics, The You Can Do It Social Program, Show and Tell, Nature Education Animal visits and the Persona Dolls Cultural Program and a school readiness program for 4 and 5 year olds. All the children are involved in creative activity on a daily basis.