We ensure that each child’s enrolment is completed as per legal requirements. Additionally, we aim to ensure that each child and family receives an enrolment and orientation process that meets their needs, allowing the family and child to feel safe and secure in the level of care that we provide.

The service takes our responsibility to provide a safe and caring environment for all children seriously. We believe that the safety of children is paramount at all times and aims to protect a child’s right to be safe from abuse of any kind.

The service aims to educate all parties about their roles and responsibilities and ensure that all requirements of child protection requirements are being met.

The relevant policies:
Acceptance and Refusal Policy NQF SA W&HP

Code of Conduct NQF SA W&HP

Enrolment Policy NQF SA W&HP

Immunisation Policy NQF SA W&HP

Grievance Policy Families NQF SA W&HP

Nutrition and Food Safety Policy NQF SA W&HP

Transition Policy NQF SA W&HP