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Centre Hours 2018
Monday to Friday 8:15am – 5:00pm

The Nursery School and Early Learning Centre is open 48 weeks of the year.

Hyde Park Nursery School is licensed for up to 60 students per session.

The Hyde Park space is divided into an Early Learning Centre section at the back of the building and a Nursery section at the front. Both sections have creative garden spaces and facilities which support and stimulate the development of the young child’s mind, body and spirit.


Hyde Park – Early Learning Centre (E.L.C)

The E.L.C. comprises of two education groups.  The Wattle Group for the 3 or 3 ½ year to 4 year olds and the Jacaranda Group for our 4 to 5 year olds.  These groups cater for the developmental needs of children as they enter into school. The E.L.C. is led by early childhood teachers.

The E.L.C. allows children to learn through a nurturing, tolerant, supportive environment where play is actively encouraged and creativity abounds. The program is designed to enable a smooth transition into school by introducing pre literacy and numeracy skills, encouraging independence and a thirst for knowledge.

Sustainability practices are embedded into the program.  We have chickens, worm farms, composting and recycling systems for the children to actively experience sustainable practices.

Parents are informed of the topics and the outcomes that children are to achieve over a period of time. The topics and outcomes are adjusted over the term according to children’s interests and developmental needs. The team keep the families informed of the program through daily write ups, displays and newsletters.

Some of the additional extensions to the program are Chinese Language Lessons, Jolly Phonics, The You Can Do It Social Program, Show and Tell, Nature Education Animal visits and the Persona Dolls Cultural Program and a school transition program for 4 and 5 year olds. All the children are involved in creative activity on a daily basis.


Hyde Park – Nursery section

Our Nursery section for children (2 to 3 or 3 ½ year olds) caters for their learning needs in an age appropriate way. To do this we split the children into two age groups.  The Gumnuts (2years) and the Lillypillies (3years).  Each group has the opportunity for separate group and meal times and a separate program through out the day.

Outcomes and topics are programmed in large blocks of time by the Nursery School team leaders.

At the beginning of term the teachers and staff make observations of the children in their care. These observations and the information sharing sheets filled in by parents enable them to establish the needs of their groups and together an overall program is designed.

Outcomes and topics may be changed over the term to reflect the needs and interests of the group. The Nursery group have a separate play space with many opportunities for imaginative and physical play, and creative activity.

The children are encouraged to be involved in group times (stories, singing, dance and drama) and art and craft activities.

Nursery children may do mornings (half days) or full days.  We have a minimum of two sessions made up.